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2017 Highlights

Marcos: 2013 Will Be My Best Year

Friday, 21 December, 2012

At a meeting with Cypriot media, Marcos was very optimistic about the 2013 season, saying that "it will be the best year of my life."


The 27 year old answered questions on his preparation for 2013, his coaching arrangement with Yiannos Hadjigeorgiou, whether he will play in the Davis Cup, mixed doubles in 2016, and even revealed if he is changing the diapers of his newborn baby daughter.


Marcos, what did you make of the 2012 season?
"I was expecting something better. The positive came at the end, where I found a good rhythm, I got a good level and I played well. But now we look ahead. We shall carry on strongly. I have confidence on the court and I just hope not to get hurt.”


How is working with Yiannos Hadjigeorgiou?
“There is a motivation and a chemistry with Yiannos. This chemistry is working, he is helping me a lot and I feel very well."


What is a regular day like for you now that you are preparing for the new season?
“I did five weeks physical exercise in Croatia with my trainer, where I spent more time on the track. I run 400 meters, then 5,000 meters. There is a big difference in my physical condition.  Now I am waking up early in the morning, I do physical exercise and then I play tennis for 1-2 hours. In the afternoon I am jogging at Lanitio or at the beach in Limassol.”


Do you attract people’s attention when jogging on the beach?
“I usually go at 6 in the evening, so there is not a lot of people there.”


What are your goals for 2013?
“I always wanted to win a Grand Slam. This will happen should I find my stability. We decided with Yiannos to have as a target the World Top 20, but with a good year it is possible for me to get into the Top 10.”


Would you have preferred 2012 not to have ended considering the rhythm you found at the end of the season?
“No I wouldn’t wish for 2012 to continue. Besides, I started working on my physical condition immediately after the US Open in order to be ready in 2013. I am working seriously every day for the coming year. 2013 will be the best year of my life. I am ready mentally and physically. I just need to stay injury-free.  Plus I matured; I am not living the life I used to.”


How has your new family changed your life?
“Only the fact that Karolina got pregnant changed my life a lot. I am now much more responsible and I have more motivation. I go home for a reason, my family is there. I found a motivation.”


Do you change diapers?
“My wife does not let me! (laughing). I feed her sometimes though.”


Why doesn’t she let you?
“Because the baby is hers!”


Will you play in the Davis Cup tie away against Lithuania (1-3 February)?
“I do not know yet if I will participate. It depends on how I go in Australia.  There are two or three talents that can play in the National Team. We are trying, Yiannos and myself, to promote them and get improve them. It will be the best for them. But definitely I will be present at the second tie (5-7 April), because I cannot let Cyprus drop down a division, if we lose to Lithuania”.


Will you play even if we play with Benin away?
“It is easier for me to go to Benin than to Lithuania.”


What is your opinion for the new federal coach, Nick Papadopoulos?
“Very good! He worked with Yiannos for two years and learned a lot. He is clever and a good person and from what I see, he has a good chemistry with the young tennis players”.


What will your schedule be at the beginning of 2013?
“I will go to Brisbane and then to Melbourne. I won’t compete in Sydney. A lot of things have changed in the facilities of the Australian Open and I want to be there early to adapt.”


You lost to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the Stockholm semi-finals and immediately after you received a phone call to say that Karolina had given birth.  If you would had beaten Tsonga, would you have played the final?
“I don’t know. As she had already given birth I may have been able to wait one extra day. If she had called me before the birth I would definitely have tried to make it home in time.”


Is your family now your priority?
“My family is certainly coming first.  As I said prior to the Olympics, Karolina is doing everything to make my dreams come true. The family is most important for me”.


What should we expect from you in 2013?
“More consistent success and more good tennis - if I stay healthy, which I will."


Have you considered the possibility of playing doubles with Karolina in Rio in 2016?
“It would be a dream for me and Karolina. She is thinking of playing in one or two tournaments next year to maintain her protected ranking. As well as the 2016 Olympics, we are thinking of playing together also at the Hopman Cup”.